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The Spider Sonix paintball weapon is one move forward from Kingman’s most essential paintball firearm and is charged as a decent generally around decision for the fledgling player. This firearm has a couple of minor updates over the base Spider model that ought to make it somewhat more appealing to certain clients. It’s your call so we should investigate.

6.5 prc ammo Before we get into the meat of the article how about we hit the list items of the advantages and disadvantages.

Paintball Gun Design

Kingman’s Spider Sonix 2007 is the freshest rendition of the respected and extremely famous Sonix paintball weapon. The most current model 6.5 prc ammo no massive changes to the plan, it is as yet an exceptionally straightforward blowback style firearm however it comes outfitted with a couple of redesigns over the base Spyder Victor paintball weapon.

A portion of the highlights include:

A passage level standard ASA
Twofold trigger
Sight rail and an upward feed tube (you need to utilize a removable vertical feedneck).
Gas-through foregrip
Front extension chamber under the barrel.
Top positioning Delrin bolt.
It is accessible in a few tones and the general processing has created an exceptionally alluring looking paintball weapon.

Paintball Gun Performance

The Spider Sonix’s general presentation isn’t awful considering the sticker cost. It will fire basically as quick as you can pull the trigger anyway it has a genuinely lengthy, solid trigger force. This will impede your pace of discharge, fundamentally so don’t expect the high paces of shoot like a top of the line firearm can deliver.

One more ruin to the weapon is that it isn’t especially steady. Paintball gag speed will change from one shot to another creating fluctuated results. Despite the conflicting speed it can deliver a sensible measure of precision as long as you stick to utilizing respectable paintballs.

The foregrip and front development office of the Sonix don’t appear to add a lot to regarding execution. I really do feel that it is a significantly more agreeable mix to clutch than the Victor however so definitely justified as I would see it.

These overhauls are not huge yet as I would like to think they merit the couple of additional dollars that this firearm sells for contrasted with the Victor.

Paintball Gun Reliability and Maintenance

This is a basically planned weapon which implies it is extremely simple to keep up with and as long as you don’t manhandle it, the Spider Sonix ought to function admirably for quite a long time. I would emphatically suggest thought cap you clean and oil your firearm after each utilization.

On the off chance that you foster a hole in your weapon, you ought to have the option to simply get by supplanting your O-rings. One of the advantages of a straightforward plan.

I ought to likewise specify that the fast delivery bolt makes cleaning the chamber a snap. It is so natural to do that you will have no reason not to keep it clean.


Main concern is that the Spider Sonix paintball weapon is an incredible fledgling firearm with no guarantees except for it can likewise be vigorously updated. The plan is extremely normal and reseller’s exchange parts are accessible from a wide assortment of merchants so whether you need to get a barrel pack, electronic trigger edge, updated bolt or custom holds, the Sonix will actually want to deal with it.


* Economical Price Point

* Truly upgradeable plan

* Basic and dependable plan

* Fast delivery bolt


* Not especially exact or predictable

* Tends to slash modest paint

* Passage level parts

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