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Mary Ann Dunn is one of the most experienced brokers in Exuma Bahamas Real Estate. She has more than 15 years of experience in the real estate market, and specializes in the islands of Great Exuma and the surrounding islands. She has been featured on HGTV several times, and was born in the Bahamas but spent most of her formative years in Toronto. After moving back to the Bahamas in 2004, she decided to concentrate on real estate full time.

With over 300 islands, Exuma is the perfect Caribbean getaway. You can buy prime Exuma real estate and live the island life to the fullest, from condominiums to colonial homes to private islands. There are many luxury properties to choose from, including luxury retreats, hilltop properties, lakeside properties, and ski chalets. Detailed descriptions and photos are available for each property, as well as neighborhood information.

If you want to purchase a luxury home, consider using Christie’s International Real Estate network. Their extensive database features 13 luxury properties throughout the islands. A simple search with filters will give you the information you need. If you want a luxury property, for instance, try the Christie’s Bahamas page. It’s also worth checking out the Bahamas MLS for real estate listings. This branch of the association is the best place to find properties for sale in Exuma.

Real estate in Exuma typically consists exuma bahamas real estate of vacation villas, local homes, and vacant land. In fact, the Bahamas National Trust maintains one of the largest island parks in the world, called Land and Cay Park. In addition to a wealth of natural resources, the Exumas’ economy was largely based on cotton plantations, salt mines, and piracy. The Bahamas Real Estate market, however, began to take off in the 1990s.

The islands of Exuma are separated into three main districts, Great, Little, and The Cays. The largest settlement is George Town, which has many gated communities. There are a number of amenities in George Town, including a popular Fish Fry, a group of colorful shacks. It’s a must for any prospective buyer to view Exuma real estate before deciding to purchase.

The islands of Exuma are home to several unique places. The Reserve, for example, offers 10 prime waterfront lots and is within driving distance of the Exuma International Airport. Other areas of the island include Little Exuma, which is linked to Great Exuma by a bridge. The smaller island of Little Exuma is a charming collection of villages. Big Darby Island offers over 554 acres of pristine coastline, including two miles of seafront. And it has a castle.

The islands of Exuma are a dream for water enthusiasts. The stunning coastlines and pristine waters make Exuma an ultimate tropical paradise. In addition to pristine beaches, this island chain is home to some of the world’s most exclusive resorts. With a low number of people, it’s no wonder that Exuma Bahamas Real Estate is so sought after. You will never be disappointed by a property in Exuma.

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